martes, 21 de junio de 2011


We are specialised in the export of countless types of food and drink, chiefly WINE and MINERAL WATER, we offer you the opportunity to work with us and open up new markets such as CHINA, MEXICO, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, PERÚ, JAPAN, etc.
Also for those interested in opening a new business in your own country, importing a product like Spanish wine which is now fashionable throughout the world, we offer you the best prices and all of the necessary support to launch a business with a big future: the sale of Spanish wine in any country.
We also offer you the opportunity to enter into a business which is in increasing demand in emerging markets, mineral water. We take care of looking for the product which works best in your market (in terms of price and quality) and adapting it to your market to guarantee certain success.
We take care of everything: transport, customs, events, promotions. You are staking your future on an entire country, not on a single manufacturer or winery.
Our exclusive products are available for national and international markets, with their own trademark, they include: SPANISH WINE, OLIVE OIL, IBERIAN HAM and MINERAL WATER.

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